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Here at 2424 Vinyl Pressing we have a small, yet scrappy  group of individuals who are obsessed with all genres of music from every decade and yes, we love our vinyl! As we continue to ramp-up production, we'll add more to this "About" page that will feature all of the beautiful people that work here as well as their taste in music and other fun facts.


In the meantime, I'll start. My name is Mike Jakary (pronounced JACK-AH-REE). I'm a co-founder at 2424. I grew up in Detroit, attended Detroit Public Schools and graduated from Wayne State University in downtown Detroit. Fun fact: before I could legally drink in the clubs, I was DJ'ing in the clubs. Throughout Detroit I DJ'd at The Majestic, St. Andrews Hall (Shelter), The Warehouse, Club Hell, Rock & Bowl, Magic Stick, Todd's and even some places I'd rather not mention. At any rate, I've always been a fan of vinyl...first two albums I got as gifts were Kraftwerk "Computer World" and Devo "Freedom of Choice" while the first albums I purchased with my own hard earned dough were B-52s "Mesopotamia" EP and Depeche Mode "A Broken Frame". But hey...I love all genres of music...House, Techno, Alt Rock, R&B, Shoegazer, Metal, Jazz, Trip Hop, Hip Hop, Indie Rock, Blues, Pop, K-Pop, Soul, Americana, Funk, 40's Swing & Big Band Top 40, Classic Rock, Country, Punk, Yacht Rock, Goth, Industrial etc. I really do love it all and so do the people working here. Watch for updates on all of us. MJ

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