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Please review the templates carefully when preparing your artwork. Make sure all art is designed on a layer separate from the template. Note: Some files are multiple page documents, so be sure to review all pages.


Also, make sure guides are turned on in whatever application you are using. Typically guides are turned on by clicking the "View" menu, scrolling down to "Grids & Guides" and clicking "Show Guides"... 


File Formats/Applications:

.indt, .indd, .inx, .idml - Adobe InDesign

.eps - Adobe Illustrator (can be rasterized for use in Photoshop)

.psd - Adobe Photoshop

.pdf - Adobe Portable Document Format

.qxt - QuarkXPress 6 (Imprint does not support the use of Quark.)

Useful Links:


Adobe Reader

Download Adobe Reader for free here:

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