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Please note that all art files sent to 2424 must be in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign or Photoshop and sent over via Dropbox or Aspera. Other programs and various web apps should not be used to create your final print files. When you send files our way, you can send native files or PDFs. 

Types of 12" Jackets include:

12" SINGLE JACKET - The most common jacket with one pocket. This jacket will hold your single album in either 140g or 180g as well as an insert or two. Print on front and back. 

12" Wide Spine Single Jacket - Place up to two 12" albums into one jacket. This jacket has a "thicker" or wider spine to manage two albums. Great alternative to doing a gatefold. 

12" GATEFOLD JACKET - Typical use for a double LP. This jacket opens from your standard 12x12 size to a 12x24 size when opened. Allows for two albums and much more such as inserts, booklets, posters etc...this jacket also allows an artist to add more graphics, pictures, lyrics, credits and other good stuff to the actual album art areas. Gatefold example see below.

12" TRIFOLD JACKET  - Again, mostly used for double LPs, this jacket expands from 12x12 in size to 12x36 in size when fully open. Albums usually slide in on either side with the middle section left flat for larger images, artist pics, full lyrics and more story-telling. Trifold example see below.

12" SINGLE JACKET (TIP-ON) - This is considered more of a "luxury" item in the world on album jackets. These are jackets where the print is done on a separate sheet of heavy text stock paper and then hand wrapped/glued to a thicker corrugate. From there these jackets are trimmed to the 12x12 size with one open end for the vinyl. More often these jackets are created for classic albums in the Jazz, Blues, Soul and Rock genres. Also great for those indie Hip-Hop, Alternative and Rock artists too! Tip-On example see below.

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