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If you need 2424 Vinyl to cut your lacquer, please know that we work with some of the best audio people in the business. The team that cuts our lacquers have worked in the recorded music industry at all levels. They are Producers, Recording Engineers, Mixers, and Mastering Engineers. They have worked on way too many artists to name. Just know that your audio files are in good hands when it comes to the first step in producing your vinyl. 


You can send your audio files via Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive or through a link to - The specs and details for your audio submissions are listed below. Feel free to reach out for more details if needed. 


Send mastered audio for vinyl at 16, 24 or 32 bit / 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, or 192kHz WAV or Aiff files. 


Generally we recommend sending files at the same bit rate and sample rate as they were recorded and mixed. 


Please send either individual tracks or side long files with PDF track sheets and banding notes.


For best quality sound performance on vinyl we suggest program material be limited to:
3-4 minutes per side for 45rpm 7" Single

9 minutes per side for 45rpm 12" Single

18-20 minutes per side for 33rpm 12" LP


Audio at max time limits will usually require attenuated volume and bass frequencies:

7 minutes maximum per side for 45rpm 7" Single

15 minutes maximum per side for 45rpm 12" Single

22 minutes maximum per side for 33rpm 12" LP


Please send production ready files as we do not compress, EQ or adjust spaces between songs. 


We do a flat cut except where sibilant material may distort at high volumes in which case we employ slight de-essing.


The volume of the record is determined by a combination of side length, amount of low frequency information and overall compression level.


Again, if you have any questions or need information on audio specs or time sheets don't hesitate to reach out and we can put you in touch with our audio team.

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