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Our Downloadable Art Template

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Center Label

The center label is the circular label in the middle of a vinyl record, displaying important information such as the artist's name, album title, track listings, and record company.

It's affixed to the core of the record where the spindle hole is located.

12" Album Jacket

This is the outer cover or sleeve designed to house a 12-inch vinyl LP (long-playing) album. It typically features artwork or photography on the front and back, along with album details, track listings, and sometimes lyrics or additional artwork on the inside if it's a gatefold jacket.


7" Singles Jacket

Similar to a 12" album jacket but smaller, this jacket is designed for 7-inch vinyl singles. It usually has artwork and information pertinent to the single or EP (extended play) it contains, such as the artist, song titles, and record label.

Inner Sleeve 

The inner sleeve is a protective covering that holds the vinyl record inside the album jacket, providing an additional layer of protection against dust, scratches, and other damage. Inner sleeves can be plain or printed with lyrics, artwork, or additional album information.

sleeves photo.jpeg


An insert is an additional piece of material included within a vinyl record's packaging, separate from the inner sleeve. Inserts can include items like lyric sheets, photographs, promotional materials, or detailed notes about the album's production.

Posters / Booklet

These are larger printed materials included with a vinyl record, which can be unfolded to reveal a poster or opened like a booklet to browse through multiple pages. They often feature artwork, photos, extensive liner notes, lyrics, and other information related to the album or artist.

poster booklet.webp


A sticker included with a vinyl record can serve various purposes, such as providing additional information about the album, highlighting a feature or exclusive content, or simply serving as a promotional item. Stickers can be affixed to the album jacket or included inside for the listener to use.

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